Thursday, March 17, 2011


On Wednesday I went out with these people who claimed to have read my blog since 2008!

I felt like such a star hehe. They're really nice people and I had a meeping nice time even though I had to leave really early!

So as I was taking the train home, I stood beside this guy who's a total stranger and he did nothing but stand there with his earplugs blasting Eminem...... and yet I have never felt... so connected HAHA. I can't explain how it felt!

I had the overwhelming feeling to tap his shoulder and ask for the time. Bahahhaha.
But really, my watch is missing and my phone died so it was a really good excuse! But nah, I didn't do it. My shyness took over :{

Oh and guess who's going to Far East Movement's concert for free?!


(All photos are from Shnl's camera)

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