Wednesday, May 18, 2011

things from my camera

Good evening. This will be a post of many things.

This is Neko! We adopted her last weekend and she's horribly active but so adorable. Her mom is a beautiful persian so we're hoping Neko would grow up just as pretty.

It was actually my birthday gift for Hanes but her mom wouldn't allow it so I took it!!!! Hehe.

This was taken in the car with my family as we were heading to Malaysia.

This was at East Coast Park's Coffee Bean two weekends ago.

This was last weekend and Hanes commented on how the building behind was like Sydney's Opera House. We also did heart shapes with our arms to a group of fit men and women that paddled by us in their dragon boat thing.

These were on the same day while waiting for the others.

Have a lovely week you guys!


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