Saturday, June 18, 2011


Things I'm waiting for:
  • Someone to tell me I'm bloody annoying on twitter
  • Someone to ask me out for coffee

Anyway! Here are some photos from Friday's bbq pit of 2010's 4N because I am choosy...

I need to get my own bowler hat! And smile a different smile!

I'm never good at scenery shots but the sun set was really beautiful.

This guy's from... Hong Kong? Or was it China? I think it was Hong Kong cause I remember him telling us it's two different countries. Anyway, he used to like me last year! Haha he's so cute! So we took a 'couple shot' lol what..

So anyway I had to leave and this other guy me wanted to send me to the taxi stand because my friends shouted 'DUDE SHE'S GOING HOME AREN'T YOU GOING TO SEND HER' and it was a very awkward walk but I kept saying 'No, it's okay, It's not awkward'


Can't you see i am immune to everyone now!!!
OH and I've a video of my friend and I being very annoying. I'll upload it soon :>

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