Tuesday, July 12, 2011

forever at school

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So today was seriously hectic! I didn't go to school in the morning because my coughs were really bad and I needed to drink the cough syrup and just... sleep.

In the afternoon, there was a bit of a mix up of my O level oral... so i went to school but lul my oral's actually tomorrow.... haiz! The whole time, I was freaking out to Adel who told me to just think about whales...... he's so helpful.

Stayed for art anyway and applied for DPA.
I applied for Creative Writing at SP. ._.
I really hope I impressed them:

In primary school, I was part of the school's news paper team.
I participated in my school's poetry competition and came in 3rd. My achievements may not be impressive but my passion for writing is endless.

Hope that works out. :-)

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