Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to make k

Hello, I'll be 'tutoring' you how I make my gifs so you know.... you can try it out yourself and be amazed at the moving images of your own!!!!!!!! Harry Potter style!

Requires Virtualdub and Photoshop. (I use Photoshop CS5) Quicktime Player also needs to be installed. This is pretty complicated and... i've been doing this since last year lol. So it needs getting used to.

1. Open up Virtualdub. File > Open Video File.
The video MUST be in avi. format or else it won't work out. Size of video does not matter.

2. Select the part of the video where you want it to be in gif. Start out with the left part of the orange bit i highlighted and end it with the one on the right. NO IDEA HOW TO EXPLAIN THIS BUT YOU'LL GET USED TO IT. Recommended less than 30 layers. Save it.

3. Open Photoshop.
File > Import > Video Frames to Layers.
Windows > Animation.

So that little 'animation (frames)' thing should be at the bottom!

4. Once you're happy with the results, File > Save for Web Devices and you can adjust the size at the bottom right. Ensure the 'Present' is NOT in .Jpeg format or else it wont be moving! Change it to GIF Dithered/Restrictive. I don't know which one's better but as long as it's in .gif format, you're all good!


I also discovered that WITH MAD SKILLS you can style it in black and white and put text on it to make it look like it has 'subtitles'.

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