Sunday, July 03, 2011

a real update

  1. Two days ago we lost Neko.

  2. We even put up flyers!

  3. This morning around 2 A.M my brother found her in the drain ._.

  4. Last night I went to Ignite with Erina! Bumped into Amrh and her.. cute.... friend... at the bus stop so we went together.

  5. Towards the end of the night, things got really good. Stopped caring about the mud and the lack of people dancing and just danced danced danced with real good company, Hanes and the rest! One of my friends were surprised! He thought I was too shy to dance... BUT I UNLEASHED THE DRAGON IN ME AND DANCED UGLY.

  6. Saw Bo at Ignite with his girlfriend and i'm just like.......

  7. This morning I went for my 'job' with Azimah and Julz. All we had to do was give out these goodie bags and we earned 70 each! $$$$$$$$

July is starting out really good. I hope it stays this way.

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