Monday, November 21, 2011

prom round 2

Here are the photos of prom!

Very little photos cause they're all pretty much the same... and my eyes are closed in most of them lul i'm a hamster, flashes scare me.

Erina and I! Got close to her from Art class.

Hate how I look here but look at Aqilah! Super pretty!!! She was nominated Prom Queen.

This is Nadhir. He ate something gross hence the 'Oh God what've I done' face.
He was nominated Prom King as well!

Lovely group of people. :)

Anyway there was this point of time where they MADE me dance on stage. I can't dance for nuts so I just.... I CAN'T EXPLAIN BUT IT WAS REALLY UGLY.
Just imagine head bobbing and finger pointing to the crowd... yeah. Really 70's.

Got vouchers though!!

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