Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Someone could waste their whole life helplessly
Just patiently waiting for a love like you and me"


I didn't know much about Adel then. I mean Amirah had posted photos of him on her blog/twitter and I was strangely attracted to him but the whole time in my head, all i thought was 'RIGHT.. AS IF HE'S EVER GOING TO EVEN LOOK AT ME.'

Nonetheless, he added me on Facebook and we barely talked. Both of us thinking 'haha way out of my league'

My classmate and I planned to go to a gig together in July. So I waited for her arrival at a bus stop and Amirah was there! She was going to the same gig and said she was waiting for Adel.

He arrived soon enough, wearing a purple flannel shirt and within it was a Stheart tank top.
"This is Raudhah, and this is Adel," Amirah introduced.
"Hello Raudhah," he said.

And when he put on his black rimmed glasses oh god i went to heaven.

We were all waiting for my classmate and I kept texting her 'omg he's SOoOo cute!! like a surfer' (because of his huge curls) And I was so attracted to the way he spoke!!! Can't even put it in words but it's really lovely.

According to him, I looked like I was not interested in him at all. My smile towards him was brief and I gave him a 'too good for you' aura. 

Took the bus to the gig and we didn't talk much from then on. I honestly thought I wasn't ever going to talk nor see him anymore.

Later at night, I got home with my shoes covered in mud from the horrible dancing. Went online and a chat box went up!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye!" Adel typed.

And then.. well, things happened.
I've fallen in love with this boy and I've never been happier.

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