Monday, December 12, 2011


So 2011 is ending very soon so I thought I'd list down the things that were the ~highlights~ of this year.

1. Vacation to Hong Kong. I finally got to see Disneyland and it was a really neat city. I wouldn't mind going again.

2. Graduated from Secondary School. Finally, oh my goodness, FINALLY.

3. The removal of my braces oh wow. :')

4. A haircut. I vowed to never cut my hair short ever again after the few disasters I've had.... but I braved through my fears and had it cut anyway. Award me with a medal, will you?

5. Syed Adel. Never been so thankful to have such a man in my life. Thank you for sticking by me, longer than any other guy.

6. And thank you for still reading this 4 year old blog.

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