Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Day 4: Favorite color.

White & blue.
Those are clouds by the way.

Anyway, I spent a day out with Adel and we had fish and co. for lunch.
Their vodkaless pina colada was super good too!

Working tomorrow afternoon and I've only worked there TWICE but i'm starting to hate it.

1. I have to serve up to 3 tables and there's always ALWAYS one grumpy uncle who will spit out words like 'poor/slow service' and shake his head or something. I've learned to be patient and not pour the boiling hot chinese tea over their heads.

2. Most of the girls working there aren't... friendly. They're intimidating and djnfkjnfkendfc.

I think there are a few more points but I'll keep it to myself.

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