Sunday, February 05, 2012

feb's lookin good

Helped out with a Chinese New Year lunch last thursday.
Did nothing much, just had to stand around, assist the game stations and give out oranges. Easy money!

Had dinner with Adel and his friends over at Spize the next day. Nice people and nice food.
Also got my ADTR tix! It was personally designed by Amirah :-)

My newest top. Nyan.

No pictures of yesterday's job but it was good fun but super tiring.
I was a waitress at a hotel oh my gosh. Me, the skinny & clumsy Raudhah...became a waitress.

I had no form of experience and I was only told what to do, so you have to understand how scared I was!
Nonetheless, i had fun with Shidah Mars and the rest of the people.
She and her boyfriend are probably the cutest couple I've met!!!

Seems like a good start to February, hope you guys have a nice month too ^~^

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