Sunday, April 08, 2012

fleas and whiskers

On Friday, Adel and I headed to Marina Square for arcade and dinner at Seoul Garden.
It was great playing Metal Slug again! It's been so long.

Was at New Look and trying out a pretty headband. ^ ~ ^

On Saturday, Amirah and I went for a flea and i got myself this super cute fringe top and a bandage skirt. Spent only $13! But then I spotted this really neat flannel shirt and hesitated for at least 10 minutes wondering I should get it for Adel.

After the flea, we met Adel and Nabil...... and thank goodness he loved the shirt.

NOT SURE WHY BUT i look better with the very realistic whiskers.

On another note, tomorrow's our 7 month.
Insane, isn't it?

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