Monday, May 07, 2012

another day as me

Hello, on Sunday, with the help of Shidah, I managed to get a one day job. As usual, it was a fancy catering job.

I'll just highlight the fun parts of the day.

1. Fainted within the first 30 minutes of the job!
It was really hot and i was sorting out the utensils when suddenly I couldn't see a thing.
My eyes were open but I couldn't see. And I felt like someone was putting their hands against my ears. But somehow I managed to walk over to Shidah and she brought me to the toilet and after coke and air-con, I was okay again. Creepy....

2. I had to serve drinks at the entrance for 3 hours. And dropped the drinks thrice.
This doesn't sound bad but trust me, IT REALLY WAS BAD. My arms are sore from carrying a tray full of drinks.

3.The whole darn catering crew thought I cried when really, I was wiping off the drink from my face. So I was excused from doing more jobs. HAH.

4. I broke another glass and I was so used to it, I looked up at the guy and said "Oh. Um sorry."

I die a bit every time I think about yesterday.
The whole thing was embarrassing.

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