Wednesday, May 16, 2012

black / brown

Wednesday's clothes.

I had an interview at an ice cream parlor and with the help of google map, i managed to find the place without getting lost! Wonderful. Thank goodness for Google.

The store was neat and white and the ice cream looked delicious but I wasn't keen with the food nor the settings.
I was much more interested in getting a job where all you have to do is scoop ice cream and make coffee.

The interview went okay. I think they like that I was a waitress a few times. Fortunately, they didn't ask if i had spilled any drinks before.

I met Adel afterwards and he had a hair cut and I sat at the corner ramming notes in my head.
Later, we settled at Coffee Bean and he watched me study.
It's hard to study at home with a baby that's constantly screaming!

It was a good day.

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