Tuesday, June 12, 2012

hey man

I'm such a devoted blogger. I'm typing this with very heavy eyessssssssssss.
But anyway, this was how I spent my Monday:

It was Adel's 18 birthday on Sunday so I brought the birthday man out!
Went to see Harry Potter's & Andy Warhol's exhibition at the Art Science Museum :-)


Bought stickers and Bertie Bott's every flavor beans!
It was unusually fun just sitting there and trying out the different jelly beans. Dirt flavor was the worst I think blearghhhh.

Later on, we watched Madagascar 3 because I know Adel loves cartoons despite his age! Nothing wrong with cartoons anyway.

Of course, there were presents for him!!

 A Peter Says Denim hoodie, a yellow card with a cat wearing a party hat on the cover, customized badges of the things he loves and a Yoda figurine. Plussssssss, a pass for a free entry to Zouk.

The last gift is a bit whack for a girlfriend to give but Adel's a man now, can't stop him from having fun!

I hate how my hair looks thin and weird but it's the only photo of us from today!
I spent about 80 bucks but it's really so much less than all he's given me.

Love you.

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