Sunday, July 01, 2012


Quick update before I do some school work~
Went to Baybeats last night with Adel, Hadi & Nabil.
It was so much fun! Bumped into a few people, including my own brother ._.

To the anonymous on formspring, this is how my hair looks like now! Reddish brown.
That's also the top I got from the flea. A bit big but i looooove it.

My laughing face. Hahahahaha hello.

 ❤ ___ 

My favorite bands had to be Darren Ashley and Anechois!
We watched a bit of fireworks for the National Day rehearsal and it made me realize I've known Adel for almost a year! On our first date, we watched the fireworks as well. :)

It was a really good day. Photos are by Nabil & Hadi, thank you!

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