Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Hello! Here are a few things that has been happening lately:

As you all know, I passed all my modules and managed to proceed to diploma... Hence......

Ta-daaaaaaa~~~~  New shoes from my parents! (Okay, They gave me money and I picked out my own shoes but still!!) Love it LOVE IT. It was even on 20% discount.

At first I was like 'Nah man I already got 'em Converse shoes' so I didn't bother even entering the store but I did a few days later and it was love at first sight!

My pimped laptop. I like my stuff organized.^-^ 

Was going through my film earlier today and took a shot with my phone. Can't wait to develop my latest roll of film from my Diana!

And also watched The Amazing Spiderman the other day.
It was so great I really do not GET why people are saying it sucked!!!!!

Other than the fact that Andrew Garfield is a beautiful british man,

The movie was fabulous ok. I even watched it in 3D lol. (I may be biased because I've loved Spiderman since it first came out haha.)

Alright, goodnight! School is in a few hours time u__u

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