Wednesday, July 18, 2012

we've only just begun

A few photos from this week:

Adel and I, celebrating our 300+ days together at Tang's Tea House.
(The plus sign because we really don't keep track lol wtf sometimes he'll say 'EH! Rau, our 10th month was yesterday!' then i'd be flipping out saying 'omg really???')
Was wearing my denim top that Adel  had given me a few days back! Received many compliments :)

We had our first radio tv production assignment and that was to give a 'live speech' at the radio. It was flipping scary omg. Had to use headphones and everything. Was slightly wobbling haha! 
Those are my group members! I think we should be nominated as Singapore's icon for racial harmony this year. Our group consists of vietnamese, indonesian, chinese, indian & malay. lol.

Wore out this dress on Sunday! Went to Adel's house to surprise him with a piece of paper that says I <3 you. YEAH MAN, i'm corny as hell sometimes.

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