Saturday, August 25, 2012


My week so far: 

Started the week by going to houses for the second day of Raya. I love my black and gold sandals but they hurt so bad :( Had to put plasters next to my bandage. SO unglam lah please!

Mid week and I was either at home, in school or at a fast food restaurant, finishing up my school work.
I like this photo because my hair looks super soft and nice ;_;

Also, please ignore Hafiz's inappropriate hand sign. I already told him what the 'V' symbolized but he ignored me and proceeded to take the photo .__. 
I am definitely not going to be a good leader............

And to end the weekdays on a good note, I met up with Adel! 
Always a good day with this man.

To sum it up, I had a pretty good week. Being busy feels good too, sometimes.
And I did not wear a crop top for the whole week! WAH. Achievement unlocked!

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