Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It's been a busy week with my assignments' deadline approaching and I have also been dealing with a fashion crisis.
Photos from the week!

'Hipster' photo of the week. Accompanied my mum to do the laundry although i was dead tired.
The clothes monotonously circling round and round didn't help so I took out my laptop and watched...

My favorite show of the year.

Wore formal clothes for one of my module's assignment and it made me ponder if I should 'level up' to a woman and start getting more collared shirts and pretty heels. ;_;

This was the photo that I saw which made me want to get girly stuff:

So PRETTY argh. 
I'm never the one to bother to look this good haha.

Anyway, Amirah and I had bought something tiny for Adel as a belated birthday present.
The above drawing is a huge envelope with Amirah's doodles!

We got him an Obey top. He loved it~
Funny how he was wearing his own Obey top when we gave him the Obey gift
and how Adel and I had given Amirah an Obey bag on her birthday
and congrats if you're still reading this and fully understood what I had just typed.

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