Monday, August 06, 2012

summer's in the air and heaven's in your eyes

As promised, I went to collect my photos right after school and only 5 managed to be developed :(
Totally need to purchase a flash.... or maybe just get a new camera.......
Or learn how to take pictures..........

This was taken at the beach. It was a good day. It rained in the morning but the weather was perfect later in the afternoon as I buried my feet in the sand. Horrible photo though, worst photo out of the five haha.

My boyfriend outside the Art Science Museum on his birthday. The paper bag contains all my presents! :3 It was a nice day, really was. So glad I could make him smile.

Had a stain from my jeans and conveniently had a skirt in my bag and so!!!

My favorite photo from the roll.

Crappy photo but I like the light leaks!!

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