Monday, September 10, 2012

artsy fartsy

Just some recent photos:

Neko always waits for me to finish up my cereal before drinking the remaining milk. Super cute of her.
She would sit right across and wait for me to move the bowl towards her.

Thank you everyone for buying the clothes I had put up on sale the other day! :)
You guys can stay awesome.

Went to an exhibition with Adel last Sunday and wore my new skater skirt!! I love it so much.
Paired it up with my maroon low cut boots. Those boots can match with almost anything. 

The exhibition I went to: Pameran Poskad 2012. Just google it up, guys! 
Loads of different styles of art being sold. I got myself 3 artworks for 15$ and it is yet to be delivered.
My brother's work is there as well! (my face is in his works hehe)

That's me on the left! Yay! Trees never looked so good on me.

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