Wednesday, September 05, 2012

clothes and stuff

Clearing out my wardrobe! All clothes are $20 and below :) 

Grey Tribal Crop Top. $12. $9
I absolutely love the cutting of this shirt. Matches great with any pair of bottoms!

Threadless Crop Top. $10. $8
Color similar to the bottom right photo.

Miss Selfridge Plaid Shirt. $10.

New Look Fringe Shirt. $6.

Decided to keep this baby!! haha
Supre's Sweater Crop Top. $20.
I'm still contemplating on selling this because I've only worn this twice!

Skull Bracelet. $3.
Selling this because I don't wear bracelets. I don't even know why I bought it. -_-

H81's Lion Crop Top. $18.
Super cute and rarely worn. 

All tops are tagged Small and able to fit UK 6-10!

If interested, please mail me at or you can formspring me.
Please buy something, I've worked so hard on this hahahaha /desperate/

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