Monday, October 22, 2012

classmates and books

Went for Cece's birthday party on Saturday night!
I ultimately love my classmates.

The birthday girl is in the dress!! 
I have no idea why the guys are doing the peace sign.

 i just happen to be looking directly at the camera with the most snobbiest face. 

Me looking strangely happy as Shaun strangles me.

"Eh let's do a mafia pose"
Chris and I. He is genuinely one of the nicest people I've met and is so easy to talk to.
Also he always drives me around so 10 nice points to you Chris!
(I don't know how that pose is any way close to a mafia btw)

It was one good night. 
We played pinata and everyone's objective was to hit each other rather than the little horsey.

The other week I went to Kinokuniya. Featuring my favorite pair of sneakers.

Definitely going to buy this soon. 
The first few pages looked good, the only thing that stopped me from buying it is that I just bought a book but it's still on its way to Singapore.... 
/end of crazy book lady rant/ 

Also, the pre-order for the shoes are ending next Thursday!
I'm placing some of the orders this coming Thursday.
SO hurry and e-mail me!!

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