Tuesday, December 04, 2012

birthday number 18

I turned 18 on the second of December! (yes, finally)
My boyfriend brought me out without telling me where we were going.
I love surprises so I waited in excitement~~~

~What I wore~

While we were walking to our destination he said
 'We're going to Far East Plaza. I reserved the whole of Cahaya '

I poked him endlessly.

Of course he lied and went to the hotel across Far East Plaza instead :-)
He made reservations at Carousel.

The waitresses were singing Happy Birthday to certain people and I kept saying
"God that's embarrassing"

And my douche of a boyfriend kept smiling and before I knew it they came up to me with a cake T_T

My legit reactions to the cake:

'That was thoroughly embarrassing but cake.'

"It's got a candle.'


The man behind all of this :)

He wanted to buy me a flash for my Diana camera and i said
'No need to, I don't use it anymore.'
And i refused a present.

He looked at me in a weird expression.
'Are you actually rejecting a present? Are you normal?'
After like 20 minutes of consideration, I chose a bag from H&M lol.

Lovely day it was.

Thank you all for the wishes.

Eipsy will be having a new collection tonight!
So you can get stuff from the shop as a birthday present to me!!

Here's a photo from our latest batch:

We're 200% trustworthy :-)

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