Friday, December 21, 2012


I have this OCD where all my photos have to be aligned.
I'm sure that's normal.


Impromptu dinner at Sakae Sushi with Adel after my last paper.
I'm real glad I am done with the horrific examinations, felt like it went on forever.....
(2 weeks, actually.)

Sakae Sushi isn't as nice as I remember. Maybe I ordered the wrong dish.

Shopped for christmas for the first time!
I'm invited to a friend's christmas dinner so I knew I had to find gifts for all of them,
they've been such gems to me.

Adel showing off his Vans. Pfft.

I also told him I received a number of compliments for the first time because of the short story
I had written and had no intention of continuing it at first.
And he was like, 
"You should continue it. Turn it in to some sci-fic shit like she's actually an octopus
that squirts oil or something,"


A Timex watch as a belated birthday present from my dad 
He had actually given me money and I had to choose a watch but ya same thing.
SO in love. Every time I tell my friends to take a look they'll say 
'so dark ah?'

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