Friday, March 29, 2013

28 march

I've been meaning to show you guys the parka I'm in love with it so here it is!
I have been trying really hard to find something similar to put on Eipsy but to no avail :-(
(the nice ones are either too thick or ex) 
I'll keep searching for one!

Adel looks lost here, like a dog without its leash.
Wait, do dogs get lost without their leash? 

I am so exhausted from the long long day we had plus the cough syrup I drowned myself in.
We did a tiny photoshoot for one of Eipsy's upcoming items and the heat was not welcoming.

Adel has been nothing but supportive for my shop so a big thank you to my little man.
And also hugssssssssssss to everyone who's been supporting Eipsy!!
We've reached 194 likes!

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