Wednesday, May 01, 2013

day 1

I apologize for the lack of updates but I have been working which means staying in a dusty shop for 11 hours a day and when I'm not busy climbing ladders and smelling feet, I'll be spending the day with Adel because he's leaving in like! 5 days!

So I'm doing this thing where I record the last 7 days before his departure.
This was on Monday, DAY 01:

I had my hair cut short and I had no idea what style I intended to do but it came out pretty well!!

Crappy photos we took while waiting for Iron Man 3.
I've never watched the first two (yes, i know, i live in a tiny cave) but Adel really wanted to watch it so I booked tickets for the both of us. I'm one of those people that split the bill (like the selfish girlfriend that I am) BUT since it's his last week, I ought to treat him like a princess.
Anyway, the movie was pretty good! Worth my $20!!

My bf has this obsession with five panels.

That's the end of DAY 01, i'll be going out with him again later today and I took a whole week off from work so I could spend the last few days with him.
Fuck, i'm sweet!


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