Sunday, June 23, 2013

maybe we're not meant to be

We were together for almost two years. It was my first serious relationship. We dated 2 weeks after we met, fell in love a month from then, and got together on the third month at underwater world, among all the fishes and sharks.

I was insecure and afraid. For the first few months, I told you I was scared you might leave the next day. You smiled at my insecurity and kissed the top of my head. I warned you I was a horrible person. People leave me all the time but you shook your head and said we were perfect for each other.

And it surprised me how easy i let you into my life. I had delicately set up the walls around me but you ran right through it. 

I met your friends and you met some of mine. Everyone loved us, we were an ideal couple. They smiled at us and asked if we've ever been apart. 

You had to leave the country and we spent the whole week together before you left. Everything was amazing and we promised each other we'll work it out despite the distance and time difference.

And now, i'm lying on my bed tear stained and wondering if we'll ever be together again. If your feelings for me will fade while we're apart. If things just gets worse from here. 

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