Sunday, June 30, 2013

ok finally a proper post

(I think this was on Monday, i've been losing track of time)

Hanisha and I met for lunch and we discussed about political issues and the haze over dishes at Eighteen Chefs.

Kidding, we talked mainly about fart boys and awed over American Apparel's clothes.
Hanisha is one of those shopping devils. She forces me to buy everything that's on sight.
However my faith to save money was stronger than that and I defeated the temptation!

(or was it Wednesday?)


I treated her to Max Brenner which is absolutely delicious and the price is reasonable too!!
I don't think there was a dish for one that was above $25?? 

We chose this pizza thing (lots of chocolate, marshmallows, peanut butter, hazelnuts) and it costed around $14? It was definitely just enough for two hungry girls. For the first two minutes, we kept complimenting on the dish. Loudly, i think.

The friendship bracelet was my tiny birthday gift for her which is available for purchase at Eipsy hehe.

Aaaand a photo of me. Hi.

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