Wednesday, June 05, 2013

vietnam (2)

Continuing from the first day of vietnam, the next day we booked a tour with a nice Vietnamese muslim man who was able to speak very good malay. Much better than mine...

The streets we were in had plenty of people speaking malay and there were plenty of halal food stores, much to my surprise.

To start off day 2, we ate this delicious Vietnamese meal called Pho (Pronounced as 'furh') by some shophouses.

The dish was just meat and like, noodles, but it was really satisfying. I am literally drooling in my mouth as I look at this photo and remembering the taste.... oh sweet, sweet, Pho.

Those green chilli things at the corner of the photo is hot as hell! Worse than a chilli padi, that's saying something!

Next, we went to an island, away from Ho Chi Minh city.
We pet some snakes, bought tons of souvenirs, and got on a sampan and had fruits!!

They always had fresh fruits to offer, even if they were selling at the side of the road without an actual table.
Shopping back at the city was great if you knew where to go!
These were my purchases for day 2.

I think i spent less than SGD50! Shopping at Vietnam was heavenly.. for girls, mainly.
My brother got a few things as well but there was very little variety for men.

View from our room.
By day 2, we braved through the roads, rushing past the hundreds of vehicles without hesitation.
But when I got back to Singapore, I didn't even bother to jaywalk.

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