Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One of them Raya days! In love with my new shades from ASOS. And my traditional clothes only costed me about SGD 40! Bought them while I was at Vietnam.

And since my mum and I miss Vietnam soo much, we had some Vietnam cuisines from Orange Lantern.
The food was great and everything but i really don't think they should've played mandarin songs?? 
(i'm sure if a vietnamese was eating there he'd be slightly insulted)

The best part of having money is being able to shop. So.


Look at this baby!! I love it so much. The buckles are gold and I walked around in my house wearing them. And for the first time since I've shopped for shoes online, these pair fit me perfectly....*sighs dreamily*
(my feet are of a weird size: 38.5)

Maroon knitted sweater from New Look

My first casing for my iPhone! A little walrus from H&M courtesy of my mum.
(each time someone asks me how my teeth were like before i had braces i'd say 'like a sad, friendless walrus')

The week just started and it's been great so far! Hope you guys have a good week ahead as well :)

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