Tuesday, September 17, 2013

loving stares

I do not remember what day this was (if you don't know by now, i am awful with keeping track of time) but it was a day where i had an impromptu meet up with Alastair's family... 

Hahahahahaa ok that was lame. Also, many thanks to the awesome lighting!
I look like I have cheekbones of a goddess :-)


Alastair's family was very nice to me although 2/3 of the time I didn't know what to say/do/react.
It was my first time 'chilling' with a family i wasn't related to hahahaha.


Ate out with Effa again!

We had dessert at the Ice Cream Shop at Simpang.
Good company but it was pretty bad :( The strawberry ice cream tasted like cough syrup.
Even the drinks we ordered grossed me out. 

I absolutely love the print of my new tee. 

Later in the day, I met up with Alastair and we had lunch at Ikea!

 why do you have so many piercings?
r u a girl

I don't know if you guys can tell but Alastair puts me in a really good mood all the time....

Alastair's been admiring me through social media for 2 years and never once made a move because I had a boyfriend... (if you have been following him on twitter, all those tweets about a 'crush' were about me. haha. freak.) and i honestly never thought i was ever going to even be friends with him, let alone date him.


I guess the better things in life are the ones that are totally unexpected.

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