Thursday, February 06, 2014


I haven't been the best best blogger lately nor have i been very active on social media (i now tweet as little as 2-5 tweets a day! incredible).

I'll give a quick update on my life I suppose?

1. I am broke
I am not being poetic. I am not broken, my heart isn't sliced into pieces or anything, I am literally just broke. My pockets are empty and I haven't shopped with my own money in a long time. I am a crazy shopaholic and stopping myself from shopping is absolutely whacked.

2. I am 20 this year

3. I am stuck and scared
I haven't figured out what i'm suppose to do with my life and it's frightening. Do i continue studying? Move abroad? What am i going to work as anyway? I keep telling myself I'm still young and i'll figure it out soon enough but staring at a blank, black future isn't comforting.

4. I have a boyfriend..
Other than my good health and amazing friends, I suppose this is the only on-going positivity in my life right now. I've never blogged about him not because I was ashamed or whatever, I just don't feel the need to share everything about my life to the world. But now i'm like ehh fuck that, he deserves some credit for being incredibly supportive.

Hello Azrie :-)


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