Wednesday, March 05, 2014


A Book And A Bench

 The grass was dry; it hasn't rained in about a month I think. I walked through the park, the leaves crunching beneath my sandals. The place was surrounded with couples. Literally. Some were sprawled on picnic mats set across the grass. Others were squashed against each other on the benches. I checked my phone for the date. Was it a holiday? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's anniversary? 14 February flashed across my phone. Ah, of course. Valentines. Being alone never bothered me, but the sight of everyone else embracing their partners did leave me a little lonely. And no one liked loneliness.

I surveyed the place, looking out for a place to sit while my fingers gripped on to my copy of The Bell Jar. I couldn't find a single seat; all the benches were taken up. I was about to give up and walk to a cafe not far off when two girls nearby got off their bench with their hands intertwined. I hurried and sat at the corner of the bench. The park was loud with laughter and chatter but after a few pages, I was soon lost into my book.

I was onto the last chapter of The Bell Jar when a low voice muttered, 'Excuse me.' I looked up to see an attractive young man staring back. His hair and eyes were the same shade of brown. I was suddenly aware of my appearance. Was my dress wrinkled? Was my hair a mess? The young man smiled and kindly asked, 'Is the seat taken?' He was holding on to his own copy of The Bell Jar. I grinned back and if it was possible, his smile widened to the point you could see most of his teeth when he noticed the book on my lap. 'No, go ahead,' I beamed.

Two years later we still marvel at how a bench and a book brought us together.


note: this is an original work of fiction. i didn't meet anyone at a park unfortunately. 


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