Friday, April 25, 2014

Inner thoughts

Hi. I write sometimes and here are some incomplete pieces or pieces I never managed to publish because I thought It was dumb or too personal

1. (no title)
And when someone offers you his hand, you have the option to take it or brush it away.
Remember the bad boy, the one with the denim jacket and stomped his cigarettes with his boots?

 2. (numb)
There was a point in my life where my emotions were shut down.
I could not cry. I only smiled or laughed when I had to.


I stopped feeling nervous whenever I met anyone new.
It was unusual of me.
I forgot how to feel.

3. (no title)
I lied about being happy
How does anyone be happy when you've got bruises on your body?

4. (not a diamond, I'm sorry)
I know you're trying to help me shine
You're helplessly rubbing that old piece of cloth on me,
Hoping I'll glimmer once again
But you're too late
I'm already jaded within

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