Tuesday, April 01, 2014

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But anyway, hello readers!
It's 2014 and I'm turning 20 this year and there's this one question I've been getting a lot.

"So.... what are you doing? Schooling?"

I hear this question from everyone. Literally.
Relatives, a new friend, an old friend, everyone.
I know they're making small talk because no one actually gives a shit where you're from or what you're doing. Why can't you ask my favourite colour? Or ask me about my opinion on feminism??
But of course, I'll kindly answer their question.

I'll give em a little smile and point out my latest achievement.

"Oh, uhh, I've graduated school. Mass communications."

And then, of course, there's that other question that bothers me even more

"Oh? So... Why don't you get a job related to your diploma?"


don't go around discreetly asking why they've spent a huge sum of money to have a diploma but obtaining a shitty job
it's really not pleasant.


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