Sunday, March 27, 2011

why can't i get angry at him?

My Saturday was once again with Hanes. We went book hunting at Bras Basah but the place wasn't the same anymore! The books we once squealed over weren't there :(
But we did get ourselves a charcoal pencil and she got paper for her typewriter.

Spent Earth Hour walking around at Orchard and there were candles and stuff everywhere! SO PRETTY. Hilman joined us soon enough and it was fun fun fun.
Though when they were flirting and hitting each other, I was at the side and........... became temporarily invisible.

Just when we thought we were gonna leave town without buying a book, we dropped by Kinokuniya and bought THIS MAD AWESOME JOURNAL!!!!!!

It's for the uninspired, boring people like us and yet have the dying need to do something in that empty sketchbook. Every page of Wreck This Journal has a note telling us what to do.

I'm currently on the page where I've to 'Pour, Spill, Spit Coffee here'

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