Monday, March 14, 2011

you should've

In reply to a part of Hanes' post here which made me tear a bit as usual:

I saw it. I saw the guilt in your eyes that night.
I'm not good when it comes to reading emotions through eyes but yours were crystal clear, i had to make a remark.

'Why do you look so guilty? It's not your fault.'

I should've hugged you or did something in return for being so calm when I cried on you.
I should've convince you that none of this, none of this is ever your fault.
Because I swear to God, it really isn't. They were all my choices.

Now it seems that you have this huge burden on your shoulders and I can't do much.
But love, I can be your shoulder to cry on now. I can be your listening ear.
I'm sure Man is there for you as well. Us sagittariuses have no idea what to do when someone's being all whiney and sad but we'll just sit by you and be there for you when you need us most.

I've gone all horoscope-ish.....
I love you. I hope our friendship don't go to waste. Maybe we'll live next each other in Paris. Or somewhere.

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