Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my tired heart is beating so slow

“Luna, whatever’s making you cry like shit now, I promise you,” he began as his hands cupped my cheeks. “You will be okay.”

I nodded yet the tears wouldn’t stop and I wanted to rest on his bony shoulders but I couldn’t because that was where that brunette leaned on. I wanted to hold his hands but I couldn’t because that was where the brunette had her skin printed on.

“Did you stop loving me?” I asked softly while pulling him away from me.
“Stop?” Ryan gave a confused look before smiling lazily, “Darling, I will never stop loving you.”

I wish I didn’t know him well enough to recognize the tone of his voice and the things he does with his hands when he lies.

At that moment, I felt everything that was left of me being drained away. I was suddenly too tired to talk, to get angry. However, wondrously, I was still able to cry.


Yeah ok if you didn't get it, Ryan was caught cheating!! :O

Anyway, i'm having Mother Tongue intensive this week which means staying in the air conditioned room for the whole day and doing nothing but revise my malay!

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