Monday, June 13, 2011

do it alllllllllll agaiiiin

This was the "high-class" part of Hong Kong where they had all high end brands and my parents got my sister a CK wallet at a much cheaper price than the ones sold in Singapore! My brother and I just went crazy at H&M. I love that place! Can't wait for it to be opened here~~

This was on the 4th day where we went to China. By just looking at my face, you can tell how crazy the heat was.

Back at Hong Kong!

There really are more photos but they're in my brother's laptop.
So, we spent the first 3 days in Hong Kong, the 4th in China and the last two back at Hong Kong.

It was hard in China because they didn't speak as much English and when we went to their local shopping place, the people kept staring! Dad said because we looked ~different~

But I do miss Hong Kong already despite having to wake up real early everyday.

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