Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i am not alone

Since many asked for a proper post even though nothings been happening... I'll write a post.. about myself and people around me.. yay.

I really enjoy flea markets and Hanes and I are experts on indicating 'flea people'. So let's say we're on our way to a flea and we're lost, right? (lol as usual) We'll try to follow people who look like they're dressed for a flea.... yes... that's how we get to our destination. :3

After school, which ends around 5 or 6, I'd always have a drink or eat some pastries with these two people whom I've gotten close with in Art: Fidah and Erina. I think they're the loveliest people.

Then there are the people I've gotten closer with

And this beautiful boy who loves spending time with me and watch me read and.....

ok none.

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