Monday, December 19, 2011

second roll

Am really proud of my second roll of film from my Diana! 7 photos!!!!
And I think I'm getting better :~)

I love being surprised by my own photos. All the more reason to fall in love with lomography.
I used the 4x4 effect which lets me have more photos but the photos would be slightly smaller.

1. Amirah and Adel at Haji Lane. I think I pressed the shutter slightly too long!
2. My first shot. Adel at Bras Basah.

3. A SEAL!!! at Underwater World, the day I was in a relationship.
4. On the tramp at Sentosa. I think this is my favorite!

5. Town.
6. Still at Underwater World!

Alright to the anonymous who asked how to use a Diana F+, it's really simple!
Purchase the 120 mm film and if you're unsure how to load it, ask the shopowner. That's what I usually do.
I purchase my film at Bras Basah, the first level. The people are really friendly.

After loading the film, turn the little knob on top of the camera repeatedly till you see '1' on the small screen.

After so, you adjust your shutter speed which is at the top of the lens. 

'N' stands for normal setting. 
Important: when taking photos using 'N' be sure it's in daylight!!! Needs loads of sun.

'B' stands for bulb setting. 
This can be used when you've got yourself a flash for the Diana.

Before taking a photo, adjust the aperture which can be found at the bottom of the lens.

No need to be a genius to figure out what they stand for.

'P' stands for pinhole.
I've no idea when and how to use that so i avoid using it hahahaha.

Now you're ready to take le photos~~~~!!!
It's super easy! After clicking the shutter, you turn the knob clock wise till the screen says '2'.
Once again, after clicking the shutter, you turn the knob clock wise till screen says '3'. It just goes on and on.

And that's how you use it.
If you think this whole post was silly and you still can't understand, youtube it! Cause that's what i did! Have fun :)

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