Monday, April 30, 2012

oh school.....

I've never blogged about MDIS so i shall do so now.
Note: Just because it's a private school it really doesn't mean it's exclusive and... made of glass (yes i envy how pretty lasalle looks).

Anywayyyyyyyyy, for the past... 11 years, I have been schooling in Simei.
I rarely experience the train rides in the morning.
And now that my school is at Queenstown,
i  have to...
take the train..
every morning.

Working people everywhere in their working suits.

And to be totally honest, the school is not the prettiest school I've seen so I often sit at the darn Kopitiam thinking.......

Damn it, MDIS.

Speaking of which, unlike polys and their various choice of food....
we have sucky kopitiam and 711.

BUT HEY, It's not entirely a bad school.
Lecturers are great, people are really nice and there's a theater somewhere at the Hostel.

So i'm pretty satisfied with my school, actually.
Also, i've passed my first 2 modules!

Now, back to my report.

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