Sunday, June 24, 2012

weekend cha cha

Went to a small party with Adel.
It was fun rolling around and watching Spiderman.

Despite the party, Adel brought his school work along and I leaned on his shoulders while watching him type about airplanes and stocks. We all love a smart man.

He had a flu so I made him instant coffee and kept offering him warm water. Being a girlfriend has it's responsibilities too!!

Went to Haji Lane on Sunday with the initial plan of going to Sup.
But after seeing the ridiculous long line under the crazy heat, we ended up walking around the flea and I got this really neat flannel shirt for $15.
It was originally $20 but I bargained!  That's where smiles and fluttery eyelashes are put to use~  
(Kidding, I asked the seller nicely if I could have it for $15 instead.) But anyway it's a real steal!!

Then I got home to this pretty cat:

It has been a realllllllllllly good week for me. I hope June has been nice on you!

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