Friday, July 13, 2012

summer palm trees

Some images off my phone & Adel's from yesterday.

Decided to meet my hunk of goodness (lol ok) after school.
While I waited for Adel, I tried on this beautiful little thing at Topshop. Didn't have enough money at that time but it was worth crying over.

Never wanted a top SO bad. Yeah, it was that pretty. :'(
Hopefully it'll still be there over the weekends.

 Palm trees! The top quickly reminded me of Lily. I have a slight crush on her I think.

Adel being my annoying act cute boyfriend in his New Balance shoes. Am I the only one who thinks NB isn't pretty? I did try it on a few times but it really didn't appeal to me.

LOL me attempting to act cute as well. And I look like I have arms of steel............
In case you're wondering, that's my cardigan draped weirdly over my shoulders. haha ok.

Have a good weekend!

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