Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today I wore a top I barely wear because the cutting is weird if I don't tuck it in.
But YA, today's outfit is so dull I don't even know why I'm documenting it.

Also used my dip dye tote Amirah had made for me hehe. I stopped wearing it for a while because I saw two girls using it......... Public humiliation.... #GirlProblems

Earlier today, my friends and I were late for a talk so we were locked out of the lecture hall.
While they were panicking, I was more interested in what was happening in the other lecture hall! A group of Korean students entered!

SO as my friends said something like "oh my god what do we do" I replied "EH the lecturer speaks korean as well!!!! What's going on ah? Do you think they study the same thing but everything is in Korean????" My friends ignored all my questions :(

I've never posted pictures of my classmates so here!!! 

Genuinely hate how i look like a total toad here (plus for some reason my hair is totally black?) but here's the dude I was stuck outside of the lecture hall with! And that's not my finger. 

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