Friday, August 31, 2012


One word to describe submission/presentation week: Chaos.
And acne.
And sleepless.

Managed to pull through and the efforts were definitely paid off!! So happy when my lecturers gave great marks for the presentations my group has done.

Some recent photos:

My cat welcomed me to laze around as I was starting on my work. Also, an irrelevant photo of me looking unamused.....

A pixelated photo of Adel and I. I wore what looks like a big glob of black. But I think the outfit looks better in real life ok.......... (self-reassurance)

Taken today. I have 5 body guards!!!! If I receive more 'hate mail' my men will punch the shit out of you.

I had an amazing day today with my classmates, they're all so lovely!
Now, I must reunite with my bed and fall into the deepest slumber. Goodnight~

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