Wednesday, September 05, 2012

ice ice baby

Went ice skating on Monday to have a mini celebration for the birthday couple~~~
So much fun yet sooo tiring especially after an hour.

Adel and I being the Prince and Princess of Ice. I've gotten the hang of ice skating and can move about pretty quickly without falling while Adel was the real king. He can do tiny spins and stuff!

Might take a while to load cause of the 119 layers ._.
But yeah, here's one super silly trick I asked him to do. We even did a douchey pose at the end (but most of it was cut off hahahaha).

After dinner, we surprised the couple with cakes! And a special candle to symbolize that they're legal!

Cigarettes as candles. Nah, we didn't light it.

Happy birthday Effa and Alfian! 
So convenient that their birthdays only a few days apart...........

And also my toe is completely fine. It was not injured even after ice skating :)

The last two photos are by Nabil, thank you!

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