Thursday, August 09, 2012

hey deer

Adel and I aren't ones to celebrate our monthsarys but I decided to make a tiny card for our 11 month.

The polaroid on the left looks yuckier in real life so I gave him the one on the right instead and there was a (stupid) poem attached to the back. 

The idea of it is for him to place it in his wallet and cry with gratitude at how loving his girlfriend is each time he looks at the polaroid while pulling out money to pay for my food. hehe.
Hope it works!!!

My boyfriend and I with his new hair cut!!!

(edited this whole paragraph out because I'm 'disgusting' to an anonymous for praising my own boyfriend in a joking manner :') don't want to disgust the rest of my readers!!)

Black & Gold for Raya. The buckles are actually gold but you can't see it here...............

Bought sandals cause of my broken toe and I can't wear covered shoes and heels haha I really wanted to buy heels BUT AH WELL.

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